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The entire team is made up of volunteers, giving our time on a continuous or regular basis to contribute in many ways to our Community.




Operating under the umbrella of Jewish Care, our central Admin Team are a small group of volunteers who co-ordinate all of the BJSS activities.  This includes managing the volunteering service, maintaining the finances and records, liaising with Community groups and Congregations, as well as managing relationships with sponsors and donors.


The current team is:



Janet Gee

Team Leader and Treasurer



Jan Opas

Volunteer Administrator

Zara Pinner

Information and Communication


Tova Citron

Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Janet Gilbert

Client Assessment and Support



We operate with around 50 Volunteers, working across the Community in a variety of roles.


For information about Volunteering and for details of how you can become a BJSS Volunteer, please check out the                               and Volunteering page.

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